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The foundation of what would become Turkys Group Companies started as local tailoring mart in 1978 with only three family members (3) namely Salim Turky, Murtaza Hassan, and their father.

In 1984 Turkys Enterprise was formed. Turkys Enterprise ventured into importing textile from the Far East mostly from South Korea and Thailand. Then (1995) after a good profit accumulation from importing textile, Turkys Enterprise decided to diversify and imported a variety of goods such as food stuffs ( rice, cooking oil) , and cement to name just a few.

In 1992 Turkys Enterprise ventured in manufacturing with its prime product being Aluminum Cooking Pots located at Amani. Later the company changed her company name to Aluminum Limited and diversified into other lines of production as below:

  • In 2003 manufacturing was extended to Soft Drinks Company producing Mineral Water and Potello Soda.
  • In 2007 the construction of a Portland Cement Company Began.
  • In 2010 Grand Palace Hotel opened doors to serve the tourism clients
  • In 2010 the construction of the Tasakhtaa hospital Project commenced and it is expected that the Hospital will start to offer services by June, 2012.

Turkey Group of companies is partner and owns shares in many companies that are producing the following products Kasuku, Korie, Give, Puff, You, and Foma.

Turkys Group is contributing immensely to the socio-economic development of Tanzania as it is currently employing directly 400 people.

The purpose and aspirations of the Turkys Groups are:

  • To position Zanzibar around the world through trade, efficiency, and her natural beauty; by creating and growing businesses that are based on trust and quality; and
  • To increase the living standards of people through employment creation and improving collaboration and co-petition among Zanzibar businesses stakeholders.


  • The Group has proved that Zanzibar is an attractive place for doing business.
  • The Group has equitably worked with all people of all races and religions (Hindus, Chinese and even Europeans) and acknowledges their norms and behaviors.
  • The Group cherishes the community where it is a part of, and has in additional of customer oriented service delivery, it upholds a culture of Social Corporate Responsibility
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